Monday, 26 July 2010

Race for Life 2010

Long time no speak and this is not even a card making post - apologies!

Yesterday I took part in Bedford's Race for Life (for anyone who doesn't know what this is please visit this website for details).  I normally walk the 5km distance (yes I know it's called a "race" but you are allowed to walk it too!) but decided that it wasn't much of a challenge for me anymore and as this year there was a chance to do 10km instead I decided to "upgrade"!

I completed the course in 1hr 36mins, which I thought was pretty good going as that averages less than 10mins per 1km (remember I was walking!). I even ran the last 100metres from the corner of Bushmead Avenue to the finish line opposite Russell Park (my Mum was at the finish line to witness this in case you don't believe me - LOL!). I met up with a lovely lady Georgie at the start and we decided to walk round together. We had hoped to do it in 1hr 30mins, and at 5km we were on target but by 7km I knew I couldn't quite keep up the pace. I told Georgie to go ahead without me as I knew she could do it but she was determined that as we started together we should finish together and I'm sure if it wasn't for trying to keep up with her, it would have taken me a bit longer! So thanks Georgie! Here is a picture of us just after we finished - doesn't Georgie (on the left) look like she could go round again?

As always reading the captions on people's backs was very moving as was a talk from a woman before the start about her young son and his fight with cancer - I don't think there was a dry eye amongst the 4,000 plus participants!

If anyone wants to donate my online sponsorship page is open until 12 September 2010.

A la prochaine!  AmitiĆ©s.


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